News flash! LCC case study publicized by Dept of Transportation! Case Study of Maritime Disaster Yields Learning Tool

About case workshops

“We had an all-time high in attendance on Thursday… 100% reported that the workshop met or exceeded expectations – our best ever! Thanks again, Kirsten.  Obviously, it was a very successful workshop, a great way to end the year, and people found your presentation very very helpful.” Harvard Chan School of Public Health, December 2015

“Thanks for everything.” Universidad de Los Andes, Chile, December 2015

“What a great day, Kirsten. You brought such a great balance of credibility, enthusiasm and respect for our work. Just what we needed. We will stay in touch!” Kansas Leadership Center, November 2015

“Your case studies are an incredibly rich resource and the workshop was a great way to get some ideas on how to utilize them. I have spent many an hour trying to compile enough background information on particular journalistic scenarios to provide students with sufficient information to think through the journalistic/editorial process; and obviously, these studies are so much more rich in information.” New York University

“What a great job you did, and what a big hit you were! I can’t thank you enough.  I’m sure we will issue a more formal thanks, but I just wanted to send you a quick HURRAH! And expression of appreciation!” Global association, administrator 

“I learned a lot during the case study teaching presentations. Kirsten, you certainly can pack a lot into a short period of time!  Thank you!” Long Island University

About Case Method

Faculty say:

“We did Frontline, ABC-Duke and NECN over the weekend, and they were a smashing success.” University of Arizona

“I’ve just had time to dip into these case studies for the first time and they are TERRIFIC!!” Stanford University

“The [cases] have been a terrific addition to my ethics class. I can trust them to be credible, detailed and well-written — and to demonstrate that ethics issues are complicated and nuanced.  Thanks for the superb work!” University of Arkansas

“We both were very happy with the depth of student engagement and the quality of class discussion. I felt that using the case study in the first class helped to foster an energized, positive learning environment that is so important to establish at the very beginning of the semester.” City University of New York

Just wanted to mention that I have used the case study book [link] this semester for a class on business in media and it worked so well that I will also use it as a textbook for a media management class that I am teaching in the spring.” University of Oklahoma

“Case studies can be effective in a large class, and I continue to find them a good way to handle the introductory course.” University of Texas-Austin

Students say:

“We felt it was a very effective way to ground the theory and methodology we’ve been discussing in practical, lived situations, which makes the theory easier to synthesize for future use.”

“This case study was so useful, to me, because it introduced a conflict that I could ACTUALLY see one of us encountering in our own professional lives.”

“This was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken; it encouraged critical thinking and as a result of it, I believe I would approach different journalism scenarios differently than I would have before.”

“By far the best learning method I’ve used.”

“It sparked great discussions and allowed us to think differently.”