Our interview- and research-based cases bring the real world into the classroom. 


Ask us how we can produce this powerful teaching tool for YOUR classroom.

We write cases for any discipline, on any subject. Our experienced casewriters conduct original research to produce the case you need for your course, class or workshop. Our “teaching” case studies will help train your students to think like professional managers and industry leaders.

We can conceptualize, research and write cases about public policy, public health, sustainable development, journalism, intelligence policy, leadership, public management, international health policy and more.

We have also added an editing service. We will edit or, if necessary, rewrite existing case drafts to bring them to world-class standards.

Types of cases:

1. a “decision-forcing” case stops at a point where a protagonist faces a difficult decision to which there is no single correct answer. Students, in a 90-minute class discussion, grapple with the options available and make a recommendation for action.

2. a “retrospective” case tells a story from soup to nuts, and can include multiple perspectives. Students consider what might have been done differently.

3. a “point-of-view” case is an option when interviewing multiple players is not viable (e.g. the story of a dissident in a repressive society).

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Case-based courses develop students’ analytic, decisionmaking, management and leadership skills. Through class discussion of case situations, students have the opportunity to examine in depth a wide range of managerial, ethical and economic issues. Students are able to exercise the muscle of judgment, strengthening it for the time when they will have to use it in a professional setting.